Weight Loss Revision Surgery

Weight loss surgery has been proven to be a successful way of losing weight and keeping it off long-term. Whether it’s a gastric band, gastric sleeve, gastric bypass or mini bypass, the majority of patients lose weight after their operation, and keep it off in the long-term. But some people can find that they don’t achieve the weight loss they expected after their procedure, while others might begin to regain the pounds they’ve lost some years after surgery. Or they may discover that they’re experiencing acid reflux, or that existing heartburn is worsened following their surgery.

As different factors can cause these symptoms, only a specialist bariatric surgeon can help you understand why they’re happening. But it could be that you’d be able to have your initial procedure converted into another to bring enhanced results, or to correct an issue that’s occurred with your primary weight loss procedure, as a secondary procedure known as a ‘revision’ can take place.

Is weight loss revision surgery right for you?

You may require a revision procedure for many reasons. It could be that your gastric band has slipped or eroded, or your gastric sleeve or stomach pouch has stretched so that the initial restriction provided by surgery is no longer effective.

Only a specialist bariatric surgeon can tell you whether you would be suitable for weight loss revision surgery. You will require some diagnostic tests prior to any revision procedure, which will be at a separate cost to the procedure itself, to determine why you aren’t losing weight or why you’re regaining it. These will include checking how food and liquid passes through your stomach, as well as understanding whether your stomach has stretched. Based on these tests, your surgeon can decide what the best way forward would be for you.

You’re in specialist hands

As you’ve already had weight loss surgery, you’ll already be aware of the risks that it can bring, as well as the benefits. Weight loss revision surgery is more challenging than the original procedure, and so it’s very important that you choose a surgeon who has the skills and experience required to perform the operation safely and effectively.

Your safety is our priority. Every Klinikal weight loss surgeon is GMC-registered, has extensive experience and has completed hundreds of bariatric procedures during their medical career, while every member of our weight management team has been selected because of their clinical capabilities, qualifications and expert knowledge.

All of our revision patients receive the highest standards of care during their journey with us so that they have the best opportunity to achieve the results they want after treatment.

Although the guidelines we work to relating to patient selection are typically in line with the guidelines given by the National Institute for Health & Clinical Excellence (NICE), they will be slightly different.

This is because a revision patient sometimes has a BMI lower than the NICE guidance for primary procedures, but their surgery is clinically indicated as they are having issues. This could be because they’re over-restricted by the band and are not able to tolerate any food; their sleeve could be too tight, so that they cannot tolerate food; or they are losing weight too fast.

Although the patient may receive NHS care to manage the immediate symptoms, due to health service requirements for ‘national health benefits’ to be balanced with the cost of surgery, it is unlikely to fix the problem, particularly if the patient had surgery outside the UK. In this situation, as an independent provider, Klinikal would follow its own guidance.

And patients in the higher BMI bracket can also feel confident in the knowledge that this high performing team of professionals has the range of skills and breadth of experience to look after them safely before, during and after their weight loss revision surgery.

Paying for your weight loss revision procedure with us

Discovering that the weight loss surgery you had isn’t producing the results you’d been looking forward to can be disappointing. At Klinikal, we believe that, if your surgeon says you’re suitable, you should be able to have the procedure that you want without being concerned about the cost. That’s because revision treatment can bring positive benefits, such as boosting your confidence and self-esteem.

Read on to find out the available finance options that could help you achieve the results you want through surgery for weight loss.  

Finance provider  

If you’re eligible for credit, paying a certain amount each month over period of time can make weight loss revision surgery more affordable, and so it’s worthwhile doing some research to find out where you can obtain the best rate.  

Paying in full

There’s also the option to pay for your procedure in full if you have the means to do so. This means that the cost of your surgery is paid for with a deposit and the remaining cost of your procedure in one sum.  

Meet the weight loss team

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Mr Hewin
Mr Hewin is recognised as one of the UK’s leading bariatric and laparoscopic surgeon and is a globally renowned Consultant General and Bariatric Surgeon.
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Surgeon Assistant Ashley has helped more than 500 patients on their surgery journeys, looking after them from their first contact with Klinikal to their aftercare.
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Professor Kamal Mahawar
A globally renowned Consultant General and Bariatric Surgeon and Lead for Upper GI and Bariatric Surgery, Mr Mahawar has a wealth of experience in weight loss surgery.
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In her Surgeon Assistant role, Roseanne advises and assists patients, making sure that they feel confident and supported before their surgery and beyond.
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Mr Periyathambi Jambulingam
A Consultant General Surgeon with a special interest in upper GI and laparoscopic (minimally-invasive) surgery, Mr Jambulingam has wide experience in both the NHS and the independent healthcare sectors.
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As a Surgeon Assistant, Eunoia is the first point of contact for patients enquiring about surgery, and supports them throughout their time with Klinikal.

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