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Our world-class team of Surgeons have treated thousands of happy patients.
All of our Surgeons are registered with the General Medical Council, the UK body that regulates doctors and Surgeons to ensure that their patients receive the highest standards of care.

You're In Safe Hands

Meet Our Team

We are proud to introduce our highly skilled team of surgeons and surgeon assistants, who are at the heart of all the transformative journeys we facilitate. Experts in both cosmetic and weight loss surgeries, our team is dedicated to empowering you to reach your personal goals and embrace the best version of yourself.

Meet Our Surgeons

Mr Amr Khalil

Cosmetic Surgeon

Mr Hassan Sulaiman

Cosmetic Surgeon

Mr Mubashir Cheema

Cosmetic Surgeon

Mr Hazem Khout

Cosmetic Surgeon

Mr Manish Sinha

Cosmetic Surgeon

Mr Brian Simons

Cosmetic Surgeon

Mr Nicholas


Mr Periyathambi Jambulingam

Weight Loss Surgeon

Professor Kamal

Weight Loss Surgeon

Meet Our Surgeon Assistants

Ashley Shirra

Surgeon Assistant
Weight Loss Surgery

Derek Burton

Surgeon Assistant
Weight Loss Surgery

Emma Burton

Surgeon Assistant
Cosmetic Surgery

Emma O'Brien

Surgeon Assistant
Cosmetic Surgery

Eunicia Warner

Surgeon Assistant
Weight Loss Surgery

Kinga Janiszewska

Surgeon Assistant
Cosmetic Surgery

Roseanne Gage

Surgeon Assistant
Weight Loss Surgery

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Ashley’s role: Over the past 3 years, I’ve helped more than 500 patients on their surgery journeys. From the first time they make contact with us to their aftercare, I’m there to look after them and make it a seamless experience. Surgery can be daunting and a bit scary, but it’s so worth it.


Most enjoys: I love talking to people and building strong, genuine relationships. It’s always a joy to speak to patients following their surgery, because their confidence levels are already increasing! From experience, I can say that the procedures at Klinikal really do change people’s lives.


Reasons to choose Klinikal: Kindness! We truly care for every patient, and we’re there for them whenever they need us throughout their time at Klinikal.


Outside the office: It’s great to spend time with my family, maybe playing tennis together or going to the cinema. And holidays are important, too – we love Paris, and we love winter sports.

Derek’s role: I help patients find the procedure that will provide the best outcome after surgery. With weight loss patients, I help to nurture their journey from our very first conversation to the days beyond their surgery.

Most enjoys: We know it can be nerve-racking for patients to undergo a surgical procedure, so helping to reassure them and seeing them enjoy life-changing results post-surgery is amazing.

Reasons to choose Klinikal: We truly care about our patients – this is evident in our amazing, comprehensive aftercare package!

Outside the office: I love to go on holiday (to sunnier climates!) with my family and spend time relaxing with friends, too.

Emma’s role: As a Surgeon Assistant, my role is to help patients from the start of their time with Klinikal. I make sure that they have all the information they need to decide for themselves whether surgery is the right direction to go in. If they do go ahead, I support them as they prepare for surgery and after treatment, too.

Most enjoys: I love seeing the difference that having surgery makes to patients. Before their surgery, I can tell that many patients aren’t feeling confident in themselves, but afterwards it’s a different story! There’s nothing better than speaking to a happy patient – recently I helped a lady who had been planning her procedure for 7 years, and she was over the moon to finally have it.

Reasons to choose Klinikal: It’s important to feel sure that the provider you choose is trustworthy and kind, and that you’ll be well taken care of – and that’s exactly what patients experience with Klinikal.

Outside the office: I like to be out and about! I’m close to my family, so I tend to spend a lot of time with them and with my friends outside the office. I also enjoy shopping – possibly a bit too much sometimes! – and I try to keep fit by going to the gym.

Emma’s role: I support Klinikal’s patients, from their initial enquiry to the weeks following their surgery. When they first get in touch, I talk them through what the procedure involves in detail, including any possible risks as well as benefits, and describe what the process would be if they went ahead. If they do decide that surgery’s for them, I’m with them all the way, including attending their face to face consultation with their surgeon.

Most enjoys: Being there for patients all the way throughout their time at Klinikal. Seeing how their self-confidence is boosted after treatment is always amazing. And patients are so grateful – I recently helped a lady who had an eye lift, and she’d previously had surgery with other providers. To hear her say that the service she’d received at Klinikal was so much better than anywhere else was fantastic.

Reasons to choose Klinikal: We’re a caring team and we genuinely want the best for patients. We’re all very experienced and always try to go over and above what’s expected. We give that little bit extra every time.

Outside the office: I like spending time with my family and friends, as I’m quite a sociable person. And I enjoy seeing the world and discovering different places on holiday. So far, Mexico is the best place I’ve been.

Eunicia’s role: I’m the first point of contact for patients enquiring about surgery. I talk through their options with them, letting them know the benefits and risks of the procedure they’re considering. If they choose to go ahead, I’m with them throughout their Klinikal journey to make sure everything goes smoothly.


Most enjoys: I love knowing that I’m making a difference to people’s lives. Patients are very thankful and grateful for the results they’ve achieved and the service they’ve experienced. I get quite emotionally involved, because I truly care about my patients.


Reasons to choose Klinikal: I believe that our levels of professionalism are the best in healthcare, but more importantly, we treat everyone with the same high levels of care and kindness.


Outside the office: I love to travel. I’ve been to many amazing places – Barbados is a favourite! I’m a very social person and enjoy catching up with friends. And I do yoga, pilates and Zumba every week.

Kinga’s role: My job is to help patients from the first time they get in touch with us to their aftercare following their procedure. That includes providing them with the details they need to decide if surgery is right for their situation. Thanks to our video consultations, there are no barriers to meeting my patients, and it’s great that I can ‘meet’ them on these calls, no matter where in the UK they’re based – it’s a great way for us to get to know each other better and build trust between us.

Most enjoys: I enjoy being able to pass on the knowledge that patients need when they’re considering surgery so that they understand exactly what’s involved. And I really like seeing how happy they are after their procedures – it’s what motivates me. It really is a privilege to be able to help people get the results they’ve been looking for.

Reasons to choose Klinikal: Peace of mind because of our quality and service! Our surgeons are hand-picked for their specialist skills and experience. Our aftercare is unique in that it lasts a lifetime, too. We’re here to help our patients and we genuinely care about them – we recognise that everyone is different, and so we treat everyone as an individual.

Outside the office: I moved to Scotland recently, and so I’ve been exploring the country in my spare time. I also like spending time with my partner and catching up with my friends when I can.

Roseanne’s role: I’m here to guide and support patients the whole way through their Klinikal journey. It’s a real pleasure to play a part in something that changes lives for the better.

Most enjoys: I love hearing from patients after their procedure, when they tell me their success stories and describe how surgery has changed everything for them. In fact, I’m still in contact with the very first patient I ever booked – she had weight loss surgery. Following her procedure, she met the man who’s now her husband!

Reasons to choose Klinikal: The team has so much experience, plus some of us have had procedures ourselves, so we understand exactly what it’s like and what the benefits can be. I had a gastric bypass a few years ago, which means I can speak to patients honestly about what to expect. Our patients are our priority, and we’ll guide them every step of the way.

Outside the office: Having worked in the travel industry before, I really love a holiday! My favourite destinations have been Tenerife and the USA.


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