Katie Tuddenham

Weight loss surgery can be life-changing. Just ask Katie, who had gastric sleeve surgery with us earlier this year.

Getting started

At 31, Katie felt that she was no longer able to live life the way she wanted to due to her weight. “My main motivation for having weight loss surgery was to be more active and get back to doing the things that I haven’t been able to do in years because my weight was holding me back,” she tells us. “I was very active as a child, but over time that changed for the worse.”


Why Katie choose Klinikal

So, Katie knew what she wanted to achieve – but why weight loss surgery, and why Klinikal?
“I spoke to Craig, my Surgeon Assistant, first of all. He has been so amazing throughout the entire process. It was like speaking to a friend. He answered all my questions (no matter how small or ‘silly’ they might have seemed) and was great at keeping me in the loop.”Once Katie knew that she wanted to have her surgery with Klinikal, she was keen to book as soon as possible. “I didn’t feel nervous at all, and I just wanted to have the surgery so I could start this next chapter of my life!” she smiles.

“I spent a bit of time researching weight loss surgery, and the gastric sleeve sounded like it could help me get the results I was looking for. I also looked at other providers, but Klinikal really stuck out to me – for good reason!”
Katie Tuddenham

My surgeon

Katie said her surgeon provided her with reassurance: “He answered all of my questions and was so excited for me. I felt like I was in great hands.”

And Katie was delighted that both her surgery and her recovery couldn’t have gone more smoothly. “I didn’t really have much discomfort post-op. I’d researched online to see what I might expect on waking up after surgery, but I felt completely fine. My mind was focused on getting home and into my own pyjamas!


Klinikal support and guidance

“I did struggle a bit with the post-op diet initially, but the support from the Klinikal dietetic team has been outstanding, and I got to grips with it quite quickly,” says Katie.
With our support and her own incredible determination, Katie has lost 5 stone in 3 months. A weekly weigh-in keeps her motivated, she’s thriving in her post-surgery lifestyle, and she’s has already had some great ‘non-scale’ victories.


Life after surgery

“I’ve been a lot more active, and I’ve been enjoying so many fun activities that I haven’t done in years. I love cycling, so I’ve been doing a lot of that – I’ve been able to go so much further and it feels a lot easier than it did before. I’ve also been wild swimming, and I went horse riding for the first time in 10 years!”

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