lyndsey's story is a testament to the transformative power of taking that first step towards a healthier future.

Getting started

Like many, Lyndsey’s decision to pursue weight loss surgery wasn’t tied to a significant event but rather a culmination of lifelong struggles and a desire for change. Approaching her mid-forties, she realized the urgency to address her weight to prevent future health issues. As she neared her 46th birthday, she took the courageous step to undergo bariatric surgery.

The Turning Point

Lyndsey’s journey wasn’t straightforward, she had tried various methods to lose weight, from joining slimming clubs to hiring a personal trainer. However, the turning point came when she reached a weight of 19 stone 2lbs. The reflection in the mirror was a constant reminder that a change was necessary, not just desired. 

“When I got to 19 stone 2lbs and a size 22, I knew I needed to do something. I just couldn’t bear to look at myself in the mirror.”

The Support System

Lyndsey’s decision to undergo surgery was backed by a strong support system. Her family, familiar with bariatric procedures due to her sister’s experience, provided the much-needed emotional backing.

“They were very supportive. My sister actually had had a gastric sleeve operation on the NHS about 6 years ago, so it wasn’t really anything new for them.”

The Transformation

Post-surgery, Lyndsey experienced a remarkable shift, not just physically but mentally. The procedure seemed to reset her brain’s approach to food and life. She no longer sweated the small stuff and found a newfound confidence. This was evident when she attended a colleague’s barbecue, an event she would have previously avoided, now stepping out in a new outfit and a positive mindset.

“I was at a work colleague’s barbecue recently, and I would never have gone along in the past because I felt so self-conscious! But I even went to M&S beforehand to buy a new outfit, and I got my hair and makeup done.  

“I enjoyed the day very much. In the past, I’d have been eating loads of food just because it was there in front of me, but I only ate a little protein. Seeing other people getting stuck into it didn’t bother me at all – I eat in moderation now, and I’m always looking for the food that’s healthiest for me, now that my brain’s kicked in. I’ve experienced real psychological changes in how I look at food, and I’m very focused.” 

The Outcome

Just a month after the surgery, the results were astounding. Lyndsey dropped to 14 stone 8lbs, embracing a healthier lifestyle with a focus on moderation and nutrition. Her energy levels soared, leading her to plan an active holiday in Cornwall, a choice she wouldn’t have considered before. Compliments on her transformation boosted her morale, reaffirming her decision.

“I’ve had amazing results so far, and it’s only been a month since I had the operation! I’m 14 stone 8lbs, and a size 16. I’ve never had a goal weight, because I’d feel like a failure if I didn’t get there. I believe my body will regulate the size I should be, and I take every day as it comes. 

“I’m going on holiday to Cornwall this year, and that will be very active! I’d never have chosen that kind of break before. I’ve been thrilled at the number of compliments I’ve had about my weight loss and how healthy I look. Even my skin and hair have changed for the better, which is fantastic.”

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