Gynaecomastia Surgery

Some men can feel self-conscious about their chest if they have noticeably large breasts, known medically as gynaecomastia. This can be caused by a hormonal imbalance, being overweight, by taking certain medications, or Klinefelter syndrome.


Surgery at a Glance

Male Breast Reduction Surgery at a Glance

Male breast reduction, or gynaecomastia surgery, is a way to address this problem, and eliminate ‘man boobs.’ 

Surgery Time

1 - 3 hours

Hospital Stay:

1 night

Light Activities:

first 4 - 6 weeks

Fully Recovered:

6 weeks

Gynaecomastia in Detail

Sometimes called male breast reduction or a ‘moob job,’ gynaecomastia surgery removes tissue from the breasts, and in some cases excess skin. It is typically carried out under general anaesthetic, and during the procedure excess fatty tissue is removed. The nipples may need to be repositioned, depending on the volume of tissue involved. 

If you’re self-conscious or experiencing discomfort due to having large breasts, having a male breast reduction could help. As well as helping to improve your self-confidence, gynaecomastia surgery can have the following benefits: 

  • Gives the chest a more masculine appearance 
  • Can tighten excess skin caused by weight loss 
  • Reducing the size of the breasts can reduce chafing from certain clothes 

There are risks and side effects involved with every kind of surgery. Those associated with gynaecomastia surgery include: 

  • Asymmetry 
  • Change in nipple sensation 
  • Bruising 
  • Swelling 
  • Bleeding 
  • Poor healing of wounds 

You’ll be given anaesthetic for this procedure. You can read more about the risks and side effects of anaesthesia

As gynaecomastia surgery is typically carried out under general anaesthetic, you’ll be asleep throughout the whole procedure.  

Once the anaesthetic has taken effect, your surgeon will begin by making an incision around your nipple, then remove the excess tissue from the breast with a scalpel. Sometimes liposuction may be used alongside the breast reduction if you have excess fatty and glandular tissue. 

If there is a significant amount of tissue to remove, your nipples might be repositioned. 

The surgery will take around 90 minutes to complete. 

After your gynaecomastia surgery, you’ll need to take up to 1 week off work, depending on the nature of your job. You’ll experience some discomfort for the first few days, which you can manage with suitable pain medication. Your breasts will feel sore and will appear swollen and bruised. 

You should avoid any strenuous activity or heavy lifting for the first 3 weeks, and avoid driving until you can comfortably wear a seatbelt without any pain. 

Your surgeon will advise you to wear a special compression garment for several weeks after the procedure, which will help your chest to heal and reduce any swelling. It might take up to 6 months before you notice the final results of your procedure. 

Male breast reduction could be right for you if one or both of your breasts are noticeably large, or if you have excess skin on your chest due to weight loss. Gynaecomastia surgery can reduce the size of your chest to restore a flatter and more masculine appearance. 

To be suitable for this procedure, you should be over the age of 18 and in good physical health. You’ll get the best results from male breast reduction if you’re at or near your ideal weight. 

Grades of Gynaecomastia

Grades of Gynacaemastia

Gynaecomastia Grade 1
Gynaecomastia Grade 2
Gynaecomastia Grade 3

Gynacaemastia Surgery in View

Gynaecomastia Pre Surgery
Gynaecomastia Incision Lines
Gynaecomastia Surgery
Gynaecomastia After

Gynaceomastia Surgery in View

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Gynaecomastia FAQ's

While there are exercises you might be able to do which may help to tone up the fat on your chest, exercise cannot target the glandular tissue that exists with gynaecomastia. 

Any scarring that you have will be minimal, and your surgeon will make sure that it can be concealed in the natural folds of your chest. If you are bothered by your scars, you can help improve their appearance by using Vitamin E cream on them once your wounds have healed. Wearing your compression garment for the right amount of time will also help your scars to heal properly. 

During gynaecomastia surgery, your surgeon removes 99% of the glandular and fatty tissue that is causing your enlarged breast(s). This means that the chance of the tissue returning is very small, and so, for the majority of people, the results are permanent. However, if you gain weight there is the chance that fatty tissue can increase the size of your breasts. 

Your surgeon will let you know how long you should wear your compression vest for. You should wear it day and night for as long as you’re advised, as this will help you get the best results as well as controlling any swelling. 

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